About Us


We try and live by a few simple rules - honesty, hard work and loyalty to our clients, always.

Our Values

Court doesn’t brag about a long list of corporate values. All real estate projects have problems, challenges and risks ingrained in them, but the development team is here to think through and round those challenges to protect our clients’ capital and ensure our customer lives in the home of their dreams. Being honest when mistakes happen and sorting them quickly after they happen seems so easy to say, but hard for our industry to sometimes do, Court’s values lie in working hard and delivering maximum value and when we make a mistake, we correct it and learn from it.  Simple as that.

Our Mission

Court believes every single apartment we build can be a thing of beauty, that doesn’t have to cost the earth. We want people to share happy fulfilling memories and lives in all that we build. In the crazy fast paced world we live in, our apartments need to be a sanctuary for those that rent and live in them.  Our mission is to always better our offering to our customers and if we do just that and make our customers happy, our investor clients will outperform the returns they think they will get. Stunning real estate with delighted customers helps drive the financial value for our investor base.


We get how important real estate is in giving anyone security, home comforts and peace of mind.


Property isn’t about bricks and mortar, it’s about people

Everyone's a winner

Court’s projects are all about win wins. Property doesn’t have to be about a winner and a loser, that’s yesterday’s game. Approaching every transaction with ensuring all parties remain as happy as they can be and resolution are found to challenges that work for all, where possible, is our approach.  We make it win win where possible, life’s too short for anything else.

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